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Industrial Imagination Shirt

Industrial Imagination Shirt

$ 29.00

In our workshop we get to work on some wild, crazy, delicious and fantastical projects. To bring these ideas to life we use Industrial Imagination: our method of creating unconventional, imaginative, and artistic uses for industrial processes, tools, and materials.

Wear this Budmen Standard-Issue T-shirt while whittling in your workshop, shimmying on some scaffolding, cooking your next culinary creation or just chillen with some chums.


  • Printed on a GALVANIC GREY shirt. Durable, washable and made to last.
  • Serious size selection: XS, S, M, L and XL.
  • Pairs great with jeans and well-worn workboots.
  • Great for wise work, lazy lounging, excessive exercise, casual chillin, daper dancing or absolutely any activity you decide to do.
  • Shirt only gets better with use, wear often.

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