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Confluescence Pendant

Confluescence Pendant

$ 60.00

For an apple to be enjoyed the fruit must be grown successfully against the overwhelming odds of bad weather, natural predators and proper sustenance. It needs to be picked at the ideal time: too soon and its sour, too late and its rotten. It then needs to journey to our hand, whether we pick it directly from the branched birthplace or many miles from there on the shelf at the local grocer. Each one of these variables has seemingly endless possibility for a different outcome, it's amazing it ever happens. But in fact eating an apple is so commonplace in our world today it is a wholly unremarkable experience, now isn't that remarkable?

This piece reflects the zig zagging journey that each variable must take to come together and ultimately form that unique circumstance that produce the first bite of an apple.

This is the "Confluescence" pendant, 3D printed in solid brass. Each pendant ships with a chain and gift box.

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